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We are the team behind the screen who colour your dreams. Passionately working hard since 2002, with full integrity.


We are always present at your door step, just a call away. We discuss with you your choices, understand your requirement, and suggest you the right painting solutions. We Measure the painting area and estimate the cost and time of work. Within given time period we paint your home as per your dream.


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01Interior Painting

Interior painting gives energy, satisfaction, and happiness to our eyes, mind and heart, for this the finish of your paint will have a major impact on your walls. Selection of colours add depth and texture to a room. Wall preparation by putty work and primer play most important roll for excellent painting work.

02Exterior Painting

Exterior painting is actual dream work for any individual. It also help to withstand freezing winters, summers, rains, UV radiation without cracking, fading or peeling. For this it is required to select the right pigment, binders and liquids. Additional coat are given to the horizontal surfaces of building for better protection. Internal primer, putty or POP should not be applied under the exterior finishes.

03Texture Painting

When we are thinking of decorative wall-painting techniques, texturing is good idea. Start with solid base coat and apply glaze in another colour on top to provide subtle texture to the wall. Texture can camouflage damaged wall or area. This type texturing done by sponging. If you want to give faded finish try by ragging technique, for that use damp rag to apply coloured glaze to the wall. Frottage technique is also one type of texture painting applied by pressing the paper for colour glaze.

04Stencil Painting

When you're decorating a room, colour may be the most obvious way to dress up bland a wall. But you can also add texture or stencil to your walls. Stenciling is a technique that let's you spice up a plain wall with custom colour and pattern. With the help of stencils painter can easily decorate the wall, wooden or metal surfaces.

05Metal Painting

Care at the preparation is essential for achieving a professional finish. All rust from rusted ferrous metal is removed and metal is rubbed down to new one. Then a suitable anti-rust treatment is applied. With suitable metal primer, lightly rub down with gloss paper and brush-off. Two gloss coat are applied as required.

06Wood Painting/Polishing

It is applied to protect the wooden furnitures against all kind of stains, scratches and weather impact. Before painting new paint, remove any old paint from the wood as required. We fill all dingsand deep gouges with quality wood putty, sand the surface by coarse and fine sand paper, Clean all dust with a tack cloth, prime the wood. After all this process choose the paint for better shine at least two coat. Paint Used- Latex paint, Chalk paint, Milk paint, Acrylic paint.

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